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The Nylonparty – Soirée au port

16 May 2020

8:00 p.m.

21129 Hamburg

Sensual eroticism in an extravagant location


For friends and fans of sensual eroticism. Wafer-thin nylon stockings are the focus of the evening - everything that friends of beautiful legs and feet appreciate in attractive nylons. High-heels, foot eroticism, crackling lingerie and corsets round off the sensual experience.


The penthouse, with a breathtaking view through the generous window fronts of the Hamburg harbour, located directly on the waterfront on a side arm of the Elbe - is our exquisite establishment for one night of lustful enjoyment. More than 170 m², spread over a very spacious living/reception area with open bar and kitchen, cosy sofa corner, fireplace, dining table, small dance floor, two séparées as well as a stylish bathroom and guest toilet are available for your special moments. A separate smoking area is also available.

Small sweets and snack delicacies are served as buffet and on the fly. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included and available at the bar all evening.


The longing for the sea and endless space is omnipresent. The view wanders away from the dazzling light of the impressive harbour backdrop to illustrious guests, the legs wrapped in seamed nylons and breathtaking high heels of the ladies and the sovereign and charming nonchalance of the gentlemen. The drinks are distributed and we raise our glasses: We toast 80 years of nylon stockings! On 15.05.1940 the first nylons were sold in the USA. For this reason, only seamed nylons are worn today to bring back the style and elegance of the past. The musical accompaniment will complement a reminiscence of eight decades of nylon stocking culture.

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